Here is a list of videos of VEDICS in action:

1. Accessing the gnome panel and application.

2. Changing the theme and background.

3. Navigating directories and playing songs:

4. Running a slide show:

5. Running default applications and window operations:

6. Stopping and starting vedics:

7. Creating and deleting files:

8. Navigating links:

8 Responses to “DEMOS”

  1. Sathish says:

    This is excellent.

  2. PJ Singh says:

    Wonderful job! I was impressed with the recognition rate and performance, especially for a “dot” version of a beta software. I’m looking forward to how this progresses as it moves to a 1.0 version.

    Comparing this to Simon, the installation was a breeze, and the functionality is very good. (Simon is difficult to set up, and hardly ever recognizes my commands). I’ve been struggling with Simon on-and-off for over a year, and Vedics worked right out-of-the-box with 5 minutes setup time. :)

    The architectural decision to dynamically build the dictionary based on text visible on the screen is insightful, making this very flexible; I tried it out on a simple web page, and it actually works.

    Using this on a more complex web page ( proved difficult, and caused Vedics to crash, but I will continue use and test this for general desktop control, application launching, and basic navigation.

    Here are some errors that were output on the console. Hopefully this will provide some clues as you improve this very useful software. (Note I’m running Ubuntu 10.10 on a x64 machine).

    WARNING: Grammar missing self identifying header
    Grammar exception javax.speech.recognition.GrammarException: Grammar Error
    Grammar Name: null
    Grammar Loc : null
    Import Name : null
    Line number : 0
    char number : 0
    Rule name : null
    Message : Encountered “” at line 1, column 0.
    Was expecting one of:
    “grammar” … GrammarException: javax.speech.recognition.GrammarException: Grammar Error

    # ————— Summary statistics ———
    Total Time Audio: 0.00s Proc: 17.00s Speed: 0.00 X real time
    WARNING: Grammar missing self identifying header
    WARNING: Grammar missing self identifying header

    (npviewer.bin:2785): Gtk-WARNING **: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64

  3. Dejv92 says:

    I have stupid question, on gnom panel i have text: “Welcome To Vedics!!” how i can start it (when i click on icon in applications nothing happend). Thanks for answer. (sorry for my english)

  4. Maximilian Eberl says:

    After running I also had no /usr/lib/VEDICS folder.
    It turns out thet the scripts assumes that You are NOT root.
    If You run it as root, it fails (because root does not need the ‘sudo’ command).
    So please tell all users that You have to run as normal user!

  5. Brian says:

    VEDICS require python-pyatspi while I have python-pyatspi2 that bound to gnome-shell and other dependencie, what should I do? I have ubuntu using Unity. I’m impressed with the demo video. Thank You.

    • admin says:

      VEDICS should work with python-pyatspi2 as well. If this is preventing you from installing vedics, please open (or, if you are on gnome 3) and remove python-pyatspi.

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