A new version of VEDICS (VEDICS-beta-0.3) was released today. This release fixes many of the installer issues. The following were done in this release:

  • There was a bug in the installer which failed to install when installed from any directory other than $HOME/VEDICS. This has been fixed.
  • In VEDICS-beta-0.2, the installer used to exit without telling the user that the installation had failed. The installer has now been fixed so that it informs the user if the installation failed.
  • Due to change in location of gdk-pixbuf headers, VEDICS-beta-0.2 no longer worked on latest GNOME. This has now been fixed.

I would like to thank all those who helped track the above bugs and who promptly reported the bugs in the VEDICS forum and this website.

3 Responses to “VEDICS-beta-0.3 released!”

  1. Raneez says:

    hi, this is really awesome.
    I love this app.
    I’m doing my final year project in speech recognition..can you help me?

  2. raneez says:

    Can you help me to implement this in windows operating system in java?

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